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English local elections 2021: How to really read the results.

5 min read
Forget the media focus on Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer in this year’s local and regional elections, the reality is that each set of results came about through local issues and local campaigning.

Why Settled Status scheme should be declaratory and provide EU citizens with a physical document.

2 min read
Natalie Bennett’s speech heard yesterday in the Lords on the rights of EU citizens in the UK – Why the Settled Status scheme should be declaratory and have a physical record.

What ever happened to Euroscepticism?

3 min read
One of the defining features of British politics in recent decades has been the critical discussion of European integration. And this election was called because of a major issue about the EU. So surely this is the apotheosis of Euroscepticism?

We shouldn’t have lost this election.

4 min read
I need to have a rant. It will probably cost me followers, but right now that is the very least of my worries. Please read this piece before blocking me for criticising ‘your party’.

The ultimate tactical voting guide.

2 min read
Check out how to vote tactically on 12 December to defeat the Tories.

100 years and 363 days on, another ‘coupon’ election in Britain?

2 min read
The announcement of an election pact by three ‘Remain’, pro-European parties — the Liberal Democrats, Greens and Plaid Cymru — is a throwback to 1918, a momentous year for Britain electorally.

A unity government? I thought we were allergic to unicorns?

4 min read
The no-deal parliament is hastily preparing for a return to Westminster. Questions on how MPs and campaigners can stop the incoming crash have settled on the spurious ‘government of national unity’ as a bricked-up tunnel to Boris Johnson’s runaway train.
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