Gun Control

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Last week’s unmissable politics...

4 min read
Another week of fact-checked and unmissable politics in videos, in case you missed it. Featuring Elizabeth Harrington, Lord Lamont, Ruth Lea, Christian Picciolini, Tucker Carlson, Justin King, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, John Redwood and Sajid Javid.

A fourth never mentioned solution to school shootings in America.

8 min read
Isaac Newton Farris Jr. argues that having both a guidance counselor and a school psychologist on-site every day in every U.S. school could prevent mass shootings like the ones seen in Santa Fe and Parkland.

Dear America, we need to talk about Donald — An open letter to the USA.

4 min read
So far this year, 4,854 people have lost their lives to guns in the USA — but Trump would have us believe that it is London that is a war zone.

Good Guys, Bad Guys, and the end of an armed society.

5 min read
Every time we have a gun massacre, two things will happen: The Onion will publish a “No way to prevent this” article and the gun control debate will flare.

The price of a politician.

10 min read
Shortly after the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas high school, the figure $1.05 had been popping up quite frequently — especially in connection to Florida senator Marco Rubio. It turns out that Rubio, staunchly pro-gun, had received $3,303,355 worth of electoral help from the NRA.

Blame the NRA. The national walkout and March for Our Lives.

3 min read
It’s disturbing when the greatest nation has become a nation where we have to worry about gun violence in our schools.

A modern day movement that Dr. King would be 100% proud of.

9 min read
Two questions often raised are “What would Dr. King do?” or “What would Dr. King think?”
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