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COVID-19 vaccines are coming โ€“ How will we know they work and are safe?

6 min read
The results of the Pfizer vaccine trial are highly promising. But the road to eradicating the coronavirus is likely to be long and difficult.

Should we all be using โ€˜sniff testsโ€™ to screen for COVID-19?

5 min read
Temperature checks have become a commonplace screening tool for COVID-19, but loss of sense of smell is a more predictive symptom of coronavirus infection than fever.

Pfizer vaccine: What an โ€˜efficacy rate above 90%โ€™ really means.

3 min read
In science, vaccine efficacy and effectiveness mean something different.

What coronavirus survey told us about getting people to take a vaccine.

4 min read
Vaccination only works if there are high levels of public acceptance of a coronavirus vaccine, if and when it eventually becomes available.

Donโ€™t punish parents. Let them decide when itโ€™s safe to take their kids back to school.

2 min read
As England is about to go into a new lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, the Government has decided to keep schools open. This petition calls on the Government not to impose fines on parents who donโ€™t feel it is safe to send their children to school after the half-term.

A no-deal Brexit could damage the UKโ€™s ability to cope with pandemics.

4 min read
The EU is becoming a key player in the global market for PPE and the UK could miss out if it doesnโ€™t strike a deal.

Coronavirus: Which treatments work and which donโ€™t?

5 min read
There is still a lot of uncertainty, but the picture is gradually getting clearer โ€“ here is what we know so far.
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