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Peterloo massacre — How women’s bravery helped change British politics forever.

4 min read
As well as an attack on the working classes, Peterloo was also an episode of violence against women.

How Joe Biden (and a plagiarism row) helped Neil Kinnock lay the ground for UK’s New Labour.

4 min read
As Joe Biden runs for US president, the strange tale of how he helped shape the UK Labour party.

Brexit: Boris Johnson would prorogue parliament at his peril – just ask Charles I.

5 min read
Warning to Boris Johnson: John Major was right – it didn’t end well for the 17th-century king, who ignored parliament and lost his head.

Limiting expression on social media.

6 min read
The ability to say unpopular things and the ability of others to counter such statements is an essential part of a free society, Greg Camp writes.

Brexit Party — Check out their actions, check out their language too...

10 min read
As Brexit Party MEPs turned their backs during the EU anthem in the European Parliament, can they really be compared to the 1930s Nazi Party, as some suggest?

Where does Theresa May sit in the hall of fame for disastrous prime ministers?

5 min read
The much criticised PM has plenty of rivals for the title of worst leader.

War is sweet to them that know it not.

26 min read
Remember this reality when mediocre members of parliament and extremist politicians alike use the language of war in their arguments and in politics in general.
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