I am European

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A series of family stories by European Citizens to stop the primitive and divisive anti-EU sentiments in Brexit Britain.

I spoke to 40 UK-based Polish women about Brexit – Here’s what I found.

5 min read
What do Polish women who live in the UK think about Brexit? Here is what Dr Eva Duda-Mikulin found.

Holocaust: My family’s story.

4 min read
Carol shares with us the moving story of her mother during WW2 and reminds us that it is those who do remember the past, and desperately want to repeat it, that we need to worry about.

Brexiters, abandon your sick agenda and leave WW2 where it is.

3 min read
Alexandrine Kántor shares with us the very moving story of her family from the tragic story of the horror of WW2 to the spirit of reconciliation that inspired the creation of the European Union.

I am European, proud and I reject Brexit.

4 min read
Chris Kendall shares with us his beautiful family story to reject the primitive, divisive and disgusting anti-German sentiments politicians like Mark Francois still dare to express on live TV in 2019.

Hands off my colleague, neighbour, friend... my family.

8 min read
The new beautiful EU Citizens Champion campaign that makes people use social media to tell Theresa May: “Hands off our EU friends and families!”

Never again!

5 min read
I am Axel. I am German. I have been living in the UK since 1997. Let me tell you a bit about my family and the story of my two grandfathers during the Nazi regime — one was a political prisoner, the other was a Hitler Youth regimental commander.
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