Identity Politics

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With Kamala Harris, Americans yet again have trouble understanding what multiracial means.

5 min read
While the debates about Kamala Harris’ multiraciality may seem new, they are similar to the commentary other high-profile mixed-race people in the US have received about their racial identities.

Identity politics in a pandemic: Why coronavirus unity disappeared and may not return for the second wave.

4 min read
The British public still wants to rally round its institutions but fraying trust makes the job harder as winter approaches.

Writing off Identity Politics. [Part 2]

5 min read
The relationship ‘identity politics’ has with accessibility, for the purpose of showing how in the eyes of society, one identity can be superior to another thus enabling social and economic disparities between individuals.

Writing off Identity Politics. [Part 1]

5 min read
For the past couple of years, there has been a rise in individual interest in political discussions. Particularly, a rise in conversations about what many scholars have referred to as Identity Politics.

The case for identity politics.🔷

2 min read
Mark Lilla — an American political scientist and author of ‘The Once and Future Liberal’ argues in his book that the left must move away from identity politics and have a broader appeal.
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