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Government have not told people when their rights have been curtailed – on a scale of 60% of cases!

2 min read
the3million and the Open Rights Group argue that the immigration exemption, which passed into law last year as part of the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018, is unlawful.

Should ‘their’ taxes fund ‘our’ left behind? Critical notes on Global Future’s migration dividend fund.

3 min read
EU citizens are part of society, part of communities, and how our taxes are spent should reflect that, Dr Helen de Cruz writes.

People are drowning at sea. Why aren’t we saving them?

5 min read
Authorities in Italy would sooner turn ships carrying migrants back to strife-torn countries like Libya rather than allow them to seek asylum. It is amounting to repeated Voyages of the Damned.

Democrats are playing with fires that could burn in 2020.

7 min read
If Democrats are serious about retaking the White House in 2020, they must stop playing with fires, Isaac Newton Farris Jr. writes.

Does migration herald the demise of the liberal idea?

4 min read
Everywhere, the inoffensive liberal message is portrayed as a mortal threat to the greater common good.

‘Unskilled’ immigrants help to ease the pain of dying Americans.

4 min read
More than one-quarter of home care workers are born outside of the United States. Stricter immigration laws could make it harder to find people to do this aide work.

The history of China’s Muslims and what’s behind their persecution.

5 min read
Muslims came to China in the 13th century and played an influential role. Tensions have escalated since 9/11, and the global community is largely silent.
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