Impeachment Inquiry

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Whistleblowers blown to bits.

3 min read
It has come out that Trump had known all about the whistleblower, which likely led to him unfreezing aid for the Ukraine.

How rich people like Gordon Sondland buy their way to being US ambassadors.

5 min read
The United States is the only developed, democratic country that has a political culture of selling ambassadorships.

Return of the Oys! Yos!

4 min read
The Oy! Yo! awards have been on hiatus. Why? Not sure. But due to demand (don’t ask whose), they are now back!

Trump and Johnson are leading the attack against the rule of law.

5 min read
Authoritative statements by esteemed officials that the rule of law has been violated no longer have political consequences. Scandals that would have ended careers only a few years ago barely register.

Impeachment inquiry... off and running.

4 min read
Trump said he hasn’t watched a minute of the hearing. This was only the first episode. Binge watching will ensue.

My president right or wrong?

3 min read
When the man who claims to be an admirer and booster of the military criticizes a decorated colonel who is still serving.

Matt Gaetz, Edward Snowden, and openness in government.

4 min read
Congressman Gaetz and company have substituted trolling for leadership, and their actions will not provide openness in government. All they are offering is spectacle.
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