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EU views on upcoming UK-EU relationships talks: UK is now a weaker partner.

4 min read
From her Brussels visit this week, Kirsty Hughes identifies the core mantra in the EU27: Deal to be done is ‘level-playing field for free trade agreement’. No tariffs/quotas is a big offer and not given for nothing back. Governance is key.

We must all unite and reject the liars for our future as a country.

4 min read
We must take responsibility for our destiny, because it is us who are ultimately responsible for the direction we now take.

Does Boris Johnson not understand the Brexit Deal he’s just made?

2 min read
Boris Johnson was seen last night contradicting his own government’s position on how his Brexit Deal will work between Northern Ireland and GB. The video was quickly shared and widely retweeted on social media.

Leave voters, “it’s okay to change your mind.”

5 min read
The fascinating story of Jamie, who voted Leave in 2016, and went from wanting the UK to leave the EU without a deal to becoming a #RemainerNow and now even supporting a People’s Vote. Here he is correcting his own misguided tweets...

Boris Johnson, take a stand.

4 min read
Ellie Cooper reveals on Twitter how scared she feels because of the language which is being used in Parliament and the need for decency and compassion before it goes too far.

Greta Thunberg, “Change is coming whether they like it or not.”

2 min read
A brilliant answer to her ignorant bullies from Greta Thunberg.

Government may just prorogue again, even if it loses the Supreme Court appeal.

3 min read
Jolyon Maugham on why the Government is desperate to continue the prorogation of Parliament, even if it loses.
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