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Trump in New Mexico β€” β€œI am more elite than the elite.”

2 min read
At a rally in New Mexico, President Trump made a strange confession to his voters in the audience that they simply did not understand.

Yellowhammer summary in summary.

2 min read
A precise summary of everything newspapers have forgotten to tell you this morning about Operation Yellowhammer.

How a friend went from Corbyn fan to far-right supporter.

3 min read
I have seen a friend turn into a far-right person who believes in white replacement, white supremacy and the patriarchy, Cyrus Bales writes.

Why anti-No-Deal MPs SHOULD NOT vote for a General Election.

2 min read
A short explanation by Professor Mark Elliot on what the Hilary Benn Bill – a bill requesting a further delay if there is no deal by 19 October – if enacted, will NOT do.

Brexiters: Stop lying to yourselves, read this heartbreaking story.

4 min read
Every Brexiter out there needs to read this from a Mum to an entire nation.

Prorogation β€” Does length actually matter?

3 min read
Lots of discussion today about whether the length of prorogation really matters given the upcoming party conference season. But conference recess has not been agreed. So we have crunched the numbers and yes, the length matters!

Donald Trump just said, β€œI am the chosen one.”

2 min read
Jared Yates Sexton on why Trump calling himself β€œthe chosen one” before the press is dangerous.
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