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The battle of the twenty-first century.

4 min read
The battle of the twenty-first century is a continuation of the last century’s fight, Greg Camp argues.

Labour dilemma — More of the same, or back to the future?

3 min read
They say Labour moving to the centre-left will make it indistinguishable from the Tories... Really?

Be angry, but use that anger for good — Direct that energy at those in power.

3 min read
The election campaign period was exhausting. Now let’s make sure that we prevent the worst of the consequences.

We’re undecided and tired, but the Tories must go.

4 min read
Election day is upon us. After the drama of the last parliament, a new administration should feel like a better future. All eyes have been on the polls – and a vote to keep out the Tories is a vote not wasted.

I’m a climate change scientist and I’m campaigning for Labour this election.

4 min read
Here’s a rare chance to lever serious resources to transform society.

I support Nicola Sturgeon.

5 min read
I support Nicola Sturgeon because she represents the only path to a kinder, more compassionate Scotland.

Target(s) in sight.

7 min read
Who is targeting what voters in the upcoming general election (and does any of this really matter anymore?).
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