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Johnsonโ€™s deal puts rocket boosters under arguments for independence.

5 min read
All that the Conservatives with their Brexit obsession have done is to put rocket boosters under the Scottish Independence cause.

Fifteen in a row.

5 min read
Itโ€™s getting to the stage now where we get 56% for Yes in an opinion poll and it scarcely counts as news.

Rees-Mogg burns the union at the stake.

4 min read
Weโ€™ve come a very long way from the promises made to Scotland in 2014 to secure Scotlandโ€™s place in the EU. Instead we are facing the absolute worst Brexit scenario which the Leave campaign assured us wasnโ€™t going to happen.

The changed foundations of SNP support.

5 min read
The SNPโ€™s fortunes next May will for the most part rest on where voters stand at the time on independence, and on the Brexit question that has in part fuelled the recent rise in support for leaving the UK.

Scottish devolution a โ€˜disasterโ€™? Letโ€™s look at the data.

4 min read
It might not have been good for Boris Johnson, but things seem to be working out well for Scottish workers.

Facing more difficult circumstances? Prospects for the Scottish Conservatives.

5 min read
Rather than asking voters to consider how well the SNP government is doing, the Scottish Conservatives might be better off arguing the case for the Union.

The priority.

5 min read
Well, now, if nothing else, we know where Johnson and the Tories draw the line. It turns out that there are after all some outrages that they will not tolerate.
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