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Brexit. β€œMost difficult and disappointing moment in my mandate, of course,” Juncker.

3 min read
Jean-Claude Juncker commenting on the outcomes of his journey at the office as president of the EU Commission.

TALK TIME. Steve Bray: β€œStopping Brexit is democracy in action.”

6 min read
An exclusive interview with the pro-EU campaigner best-known as β€˜Mr Stop Brexit’ who was just recently voted by our readers β€˜PMP Magazine’s Person of the year 2018’.

TALK TIME. Charles Tannock MEP: β€œI am confident Remain will now win.”

7 min read
An exclusive interview with Tory MEP Charles Tannock who thinks that rejecting Theresa May’s Brexit deal might precipitate a People’s Vote that could result in Britain remaining in the European Union.

Interview with the man who stood up to Putin: Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

20 min read
The former Russian oligarch talks openly about Vladimir Putin, the election hacking, and the country Churchill referred to as a β€œriddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”
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