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Clandestine social dinners for a privileged wealthy libertarian few.

7 min read
A journalist’s investigation has exposed illegal social dinners that are making a mockery of the strict coronavirus measures in France. An insult to all Covid victims, health workers and the restaurant and foodservice industry.

The Church of QAnon: Will conspiracy theories form the basis of a new religious movement?

5 min read
The QAnon movement that is based on conspiracy theories is now being used by some charismatic Christians as a way to interpret the Bible. It is a dangerous mix of religion and false information.

Is the DWP using research company data to snoop on claimants?

5 min read
Is the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) using research data to compare to its own records of benefit claimants? Alex Tiffin investigates.

Who is behind Boris Johnson’s 2020 website?

4 min read
As great sums of money are currently being spent on websites, social media and digital advertising to support the various Tory candidates to the Conservative Leadership contest, Haylee investigates who hides behind the Boris 2020 bid website...

Q&A: Why is Vote Leave under investigation for its Brexit spending?

3 min read
The Electoral Commission has reopened an investigation into allegations that Vote Leave, the official campaign for taking the UK out of the European Union, breached spending rules in the run up to the 2016 referendum. Here’s what you need to know about the case.

After the night before... Taking investigations seriously.

4 min read
The alternative to investigation is sweeping stuff under the carpet. But if we are truly committed to trying to understand what went wrong and how to stop it going wrong again in the future, we need to take the investigation process equally seriously.
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