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War in the Middle East as a political tactic to save a failing presidency.

7 min read
Without the cooperation of people of good will at home and abroad, we face a disastrous war in the Middle East because Trump is desperate for something larger than impeachment as we approach the election.

Attack on Saudi oil facility reminds us of the distorting effect of the Middle East on American politics.

5 min read
It is becoming increasingly apparent that Trump will start a war in 2020 as his first term season finale, Greg Camp writes.

What US wants from UK on security after Brexit – and why this puts Britain in a tricky position.

4 min read
Tensions in the Gulf are a stark reminder of the choices ahead for the UK on security cooperation after Brexit.

No one wants to go to war with Iran. We’re going anyway.

7 min read
A little tale about dinner in Abilene and the Trump Administration’s Iran policy.

Iran: Zarif’s resignation, reformists’ bluff out of despair.

4 min read
Reformists warn Europe that they need to get on with INSTEX and fulfill their promise soon or they’ll have to deal with hardliners instead. And how Rouhani tries to corner hardliners through a sensational episode among Iranians.

Attack in Iran raises spectre of a potentially far larger conflagration.

6 min read
An attack on a military parade in Iran is likely to prompt Iranian retaliation against opposition groups at home and abroad. It also deepens Iranian fears that the United States, Saudi Arabia and others may seek to destabilize the country.

Iran nuclear deal and America’s foreign policy.

3 min read
When our allies have to question America’s commitment on agreements and when a nation burns our flag, the decorum displays America’s foreign policy headed in a terrible direction.
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