Irish Backstop

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The August serious season before the September crisis.

10 min read
The latest Brexit analysis on the current situation and why Professor Chris Grey thinks the attempt to push through no-deal Brexit represents an undemocratic political fraud without any precedent.

No-deal Brexit, like Brexit in general, is simply pluto-populism.

5 min read
Dr Helen de Cruz on pluto-populism, no-deal Brexit and the Conservative Party.

Can Boris Johnson solve the Brexit Irish border issue with technology and ‘can-do spirit’?

3 min read
A few photos of border crossings between Ireland and the UK demonstrate why the Brexit Irish border issue is more complex than the Brexiters in government want to admit.

An extraordinary week.

10 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on Boris Johnson’s early words and deeds, and on how this isn’t a completely new chapter in Brexit but a fast-forward re-run of the last three years, plus some thoughts on where it’s all heading.

Nancy Pelosi on Brexit: Why Irish-US diplomacy is a powerful force in border talks.

5 min read
The House of Representatives speaker repeatedly said the UK can forget about a trade deal with the US if it fails to meet its obligations to the Good Friday Agreement.
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