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Islamophobia: A fungible prop for Muslim religious soft power.

4 min read
Think the Muslim world is united in opposing Islamophobia? Think twice.

Trump’s America shines bright for Europe’s radical New Right.

5 min read
The U.S. under Trump is no longer seen as the enemy by Europe’s New Right, who are the ideological descendants of the original fascists. With Trump’s rise, they have a new hero in an unexpected place.

Sajid Javid and the complex life of a Muslim Conservative leadership hopeful.

5 min read
Snubbed for a recent state dinner with Donald Trump, the home secretary walks a difficult line in a party struggling with the question of islamophobia.

The history of China’s Muslims and what’s behind their persecution.

5 min read
Muslims came to China in the 13th century and played an influential role. Tensions have escalated since 9/11, and the global community is largely silent.

Parents are pulling children from RE lessons – so they don’t learn about Islam.

4 min read
Islamophobic and anti-semitic parents are removing children from school RE lessons.

Are political Islamic parties a political problem or an Islam problem?🔷

9 min read
The Arab Spring stimulated the rise of political Islamism in the Middle Eastern countries. However, Political Islamism takes in different shapes and forms.

The rise and rise of 'halal' business.🔷

1 min read
The 'halal' sector is diverse and expanding. According to research by the Thomson Reuters foundation it is estimated to be worth $3.7 trillion by 2019.
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