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Social media helps reveal people’s racist views – So why don’t tech firms do more to stop hate speech?

4 min read
The likes of Katie Hopkins may be slowly disappearing from social media sites but less extreme and obvious racism is still widespread.

Conspiracy theories and fake videos fuel rise in Islamophobia during coronavirus pandemic.

4 min read
COVID-19 has led to a rise in Islamophobia, with fake news and racist memes shared online, new research finds.

Fear of the β€˜other’ causes ructions in Britain and Norway.

3 min read
Certain groups of people are being dehumanised by politicians and cast as the β€œother” because of fear. Because of that, hate is being normalised.

Boris Johnson. The great pretender.

11 min read
Why Boris Johnson’s decision not to apologise for his disgraceful comments about Muslim women a year ago was the sign that, as a gambler, he had chosen a dangerous path simply to further his political career. It worked.

Conservative Party is in complete denial about its Islamophobia problem – Just look at Boris Johnson if you need proof.

5 min read
The favourite to become the next prime minister has never felt the need to apologise for his offensive remarks about Muslim women.

Hiding behind a hashtag isn’t carte blanche to act like bullies.

5 min read
Another incident in Remainerland has put the online community back into the doghouse. Individuals have been harassed, doxed, and insulted. Twitter is not a playground – and more must be done to combat the abuse.

The terrible link between jihadists and Islamophobes.

4 min read
In her book β€œHome Grown: How Domestic Violence Turns Men Into Terrorists,” human rights campaigner Joan Smith makes the case that β€œthere is a close link between private and public violence.”
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