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‘Historic’ Israel deal won’t likely bring peace to the Middle East.

5 min read
Israel and the United Arab Emirates weren’t at war, so their new deal is not really a peace accord. Nor does it satisfy the Palestinians, who need Arab nations to support their drive for statehood.

US-China rivalry: Gulf states struggle to hedge their bets.

4 min read
The Trump administration’s quest to curb relationships between its allies in the Middle East and China offers a preview of how big power rivalry in the region is likely to unfold. It also suggests the limits on the United States’ ability to reduce its commitment to regional security.

Palestinians will never be convinced a deal with Israel is worth making if annexation is packaged as peace.

5 min read
A view from the West Bank on Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” for Israel and Palestine.

Attack on Saudi oil facility reminds us of the distorting effect of the Middle East on American politics.

5 min read
It is becoming increasingly apparent that Trump will start a war in 2020 as his first term season finale, Greg Camp writes.

A tale of two elections: Israel 2019, US 2020.

5 min read
It is on the outer fringes of US 2020 electoral politics that the Palestinian issue is pushing up through the weeds of domestic policy debate.

The whole world should worry about Trump’s decision on the Golan Heights.

3 min read
After his decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, has Donald Trump’s disregard for international laws the potential to set off more conflicts all over the world?

Argentina vs Israel cancellation highlights the power of politics in sport.

4 min read
On the Argentinian football team cancelling their ‘friendly’ game with Israel and the links between politics, power and sport in the region and beyond.
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