Jeremy Hunt

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Not questioning Number 10’s coronavirus plan is a direct legacy of Brexit.

4 min read
On why Number 10’s science must be thoroughly scrutinised, questioned, checked, and tested before it becomes official, and why without an open and transparent debate, the government is demanding blind faith from an entire nation.

Brexit is a religion.

7 min read
Brexit is a religion. Full stop. But is there a way to stop this religious fanatism?

Boris Johnson lacks character, competence and credibility, say leadership experts.

4 min read
Two leadership experts weigh up the characteristics of the Conservative Party leadership hopefuls.

What Machiavelli can teach us about Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt.

4 min read
One is a lion and the other a fox, but a successful leader must be both.

Boris Johnson and the bent bananas in his ears.

6 min read
The Tory leadership would rather listen to made up stories about bent bananas than listen to Scotland...

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt will compete to become the UK’s next prime minister – But could either win an election?

5 min read
Conservative members will now vote on which of the two candidates will become their party leader – and the prime minister. But will the winner connect with the average voter?

Boris Johnson supporters want no-deal Brexit and less talk of climate change – new survey of party members reveals.

6 min read
Party members who support the former London mayor’s leadership bid describe themselves as very right wing, even by Conservative standards.
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