Jo Swinson

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The 2019 Election: Success or failure?

6 min read
One year on, was the 2019 General Election a success or a failure at registering the voters’ views on the subject it was meant to resolve... Brexit?

New horizons? COVID-19 shows us that Westminster can embrace democratic innovation.

4 min read
With no tried-and-tested initiatives to follow, embracing technological innovation for a “Virtual Westminster Parliament” was always going to have to be improvised – but has since proved not to be impossible.

Did Boris Johnson just show Nancy Pelosi how to destroy Trump?

7 min read
OK, hear me out on this. It is going to get weird.

Recriminations and regret.

5 min read
This is my take on the General Election. The problem with Remain has always been the lack of visible and tactical leadership.

Boris Johnson’s Conservatives set to win landslide in UK election.

5 min read
As the results of the UK’s 2019 election continue to come in, it appears Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has won a landslide victory. Experts react to the news.

How to spot fake news this election.

4 min read
Even established political parties are using a host of tricks to manipulate the news.

What would ‘getting Brexit done’ mean?

13 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on what the Tory promise would mean for Leavers, Remainers, those who are sick of hearing about Brexit, and the country. Plus some comments on the Lib Dems and Labour.
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