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Vigilantism, again in the news, is an American tradition.

4 min read
For many Americans, law and order has long been as much a private matter as something for the government to handle.

Why fairness matters more than equality – Three ways to think philosophically about justice.

6 min read
We all think we want equality, but in reality it is often fairness that is more important to us.

Boris Johnson is planning radical changes to the UK constitution – Here are the ones you need to know about.

5 min read
A large majority gives the prime minister freedom to dramatically alter the machinary of the nation.

The redemptive soul of America strikes again.

6 min read
Isaac Newton Farris Jr. on the unearned suffering that American Blacks continue to receive from America’s judicial system.

Is Boris Johnson’s prorogation legal? Why Scottish and English judges don’t agree – and why it matters.

4 min read
The UK Supreme Court’s decision will have profound implications for how and why a prime minister can suspend parliament.

Brexit, asylum and the rights of the child: clarification from the CJEU.

6 min read
What effect does Brexit have on child asylum? Professor Steve Peers takes a look at one issue which affects a number of cases in Ireland.

Do you know the Free Representation Unit?

4 min read
Legal aid should act as a safety net, ensuring that everybody has the ability to enforce their legal rights and that nobody is excluded from the justice system for lack of money. That is why FRU exists.
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