Keir Starmer

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Inside the politics of Keir Starmerโ€™s decision to suspend Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour party.

5 min read
Keir Starmer will be able to exploit the instinctive loyalty of much of Labourโ€™s rank and file and their disapproval of anyone who rocks the boat. The full expulsion of Jeremy Corbyn, however, if that occurs, will not help.

14 Tory MPs voted against the โ€˜Rule of Sixโ€™ regulations.

2 min read
Government under pressure from small group of Conservative MPs to scrap the coronavirus regulations but wins the vote nevertheless.

Who would make the best prime minister?

2 min read
Whilst voters still trust the Tories with governing the country over Labour, Keir Starmer is now the publicโ€™s preferred leader to work in Number 10, poll shows.

Less than a hundred days left.

13 min read
Professor Chris Greyโ€™s latest Brexit analysis on the continuing Internal Market Bill fallout, the lack of business and border preparedness for deal or no deal, the growing obviousness that not extending the Transition Period was a massive error, and thoughts on where it is all heading.

Cameron, May, Johnson... who next?

3 min read
Off the back of rumours Boris Johnson is already planning his resignation in January (which may well be empty gossip), here are some slightly disjointed thoughts.

The long, slow grind continues.

12 min read
Professor Chris Greyโ€™s brilliant Brexit analysis on state aid as a stumbling block, the attritional grind of emerging Brexit effects, and why there seems to be so little public concern. Faith, pragmatism, post-truth politics, and possible futures.

New lockdown restrictions in parts of northern England.

8 min read
The new lockdown measures are the consequence of a surge of coronavirus cases caused largely by people โ€œnot abiding to social distancing,โ€ according to the Health Secretary. Here are the new restrictions.
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