Lady Hale

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Trump and Johnson are leading the attack against the rule of law.

5 min read
Authoritative statements by esteemed officials that the rule of law has been violated no longer have political consequences. Scandals that would have ended careers only a few years ago barely register.

Is inflammatory language really a direct threat to the wellbeing of society?

4 min read
Words can and do have a direct effect on the world, Dr Philip Seargeant writes.

What is the UK Supreme Court and who is the woman who heads it?

4 min read
The lady with the brooch heading the Supreme Court is not just its president, she also champions women’s right to be β€œequal to everything”, Rashmee Roshan Lall writes.

Lady Hale lifts the spell of gaslighting in the UK.

2 min read
On a rainy day in late September, a lady wearing a spider brooch lifted the spell of lies and obscurities that was cast over this country and showed us the ground underneath our feet.
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