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After Brexit, the French urge Europe to rethink the language of Shakespeare.

2 min read
With Brexit ‘done’ and the UK finally out of the European Union, why should the remaining 27 still speak English?

English in England — We should celebrate different languages, not write hate mail about them.

6 min read
The unpleasant ‘Happy Brexit Day’ poster misses the fact that the vast majority of people in the UK recognise the benefits of multilingualism.

10 things to prepare to rejoin the EU one day.

4 min read
Nigel Small’s optimistic message to Remainers: even though everything seems pretty hopeless now, don’t give up. It might take five or ten years... we’ll be back.

How news gets lost in translation... literally.

2 min read
Why facts matter when reporting the news, and why getting translations right matters too.

Hey, Brexiters, leave them kids alone...

3 min read
Remember when our new home secretary, Priti Patel, said in 2016 that EU citizen’s children posed a threat to UK class sizes?

The English language is evolving – Here’s how it will change after Brexit.

4 min read
English will remain an official EU language – even after Brexit – and this will impact the way it evolves.

Britain must address its linguaphobia now to survive post-Brexit.

4 min read
After Brexit, Britain can’t keep relying on everyone else speaking English.
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