Lateral Flow Tests

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Why are people testing positive on lateral flow tests then negative on PCR?

5 min read
The reason for these results has yet to be confirmed – but maths may explain the phenomenon.

Why test rates are falling in the UK – A confused picture.

9 min read
Explaining the confusion and conflicting results around the current Covid-19 testing and cases. And why it is essential the government convey the importance of testing and not send the message that the pandemic is over.

Research on mass events: A profound act of bad faith by the government.

8 min read
What do experts and professionals think about the latest report on the government’s research on mass events?

Daily contact testing trials in schools are unethical and putting everyone at risk.

14 min read
Open letter to Gavin Williamson asking that daily contact testing trials in schools be suspended immediately due to ethical concerns. A letter that has broad support from many organisations, parents, MPs and many others.

Systematic gaslighting by dangerous ideologies.

7 min read
The government believes the quickest route to herd immunity involves acceptable death and health toll, children and Long Covid. A gamble based on impatience and pandering to lobbyists.

4 out of 5 adults are not testing for COVID regularly in the UK.

2 min read
New survey shows that most UK adults are not taking up the government’s offer to test regularly for COVID-19.

Government spent billions of taxpayers money on Lateral Flow Tests.

8 min read
How the government awarded contracts to private companies during the coronavirus pandemic, why it matters, and... will we ever know the truth?
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