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‘I risked my life in the back of a lorry to reach the UK from Iran.’

4 min read
Expert in immigration and asylum spoke with migrants who have travelled to the UK on the back of a lorry.

Open Letter to the Electoral Commission — What is being done to prevent breaches of law in this year’s elections?

2 min read
British Green MEP Molly Scott Cato wrote a letter to the Electoral Commission asking how they plan to prevent breaches of law like the ones they uncovered in the 2016 EU referendum campaign.

Brexit: Why unilateral withdrawal from any future treaty would ruin the UK’s reputation.

4 min read
Can the UK sign the​ Withdrawal Agreement and then step away from it? It can, but it really should not, Ioannis Glinavos writes.

When fear is not enough. (Citizen Edition)

6 min read
Why simple fear alone is no justification for citizens to kill anyone, to attack anyone or to take legal matters into their own hands.

Tory MEP’s unknown ‘Treason Act 1372’ and what the actual law of treason says.

3 min read
A Secret Barrister multipurpose piece on the law of treason in the UK and a rebuke of THAT MEP’s extreme view on anyone opposed to Brexit.

Is data protection coming home? The CJEU on data protection law and Jehovah’s Witnesses — and political canvassing.

6 min read
On the CJEU ruling on data protection law and Jehovah’s Witnesses — and the implications for politics.

Why was a homeless man jailed for pretending to run the London Marathon?

9 min read
A homeless man who picked up a lost race number and “completed” the London Marathon has been jailed for 16 weeks. A very harsh sentence, the Secret Barrister argues.
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