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Can the Conservative Party win in the North of England?

4 min read
In order to win a majority in the upcoming election the Conservative Party is targeting traditional Labour strongholds that voted Leave.

Leave voters, “it’s okay to change your mind.”

5 min read
The fascinating story of Jamie, who voted Leave in 2016, and went from wanting the UK to leave the EU without a deal to becoming a #RemainerNow and now even supporting a People’s Vote. Here he is correcting his own misguided tweets...

The unpredictability of a General Election seen as a referendum.

4 min read
Why a split anti-Brexit vote may not be as good for the Conservatives as we assume.

I voted Leave — My 11 steps to change Leave voters’ minds today.

3 min read
This is Mike, a courier from Kent, who voted Leave in 2016. Digging into his own experience, he explains how to convince Leave voters that they should now back remaining in the European Union.

Open Letter to Brexiters — Look again at why you want to leave.

4 min read
Andy Martin asks Brexiters to look again at the reasons they want Britain to leave the EU and to consider issues they may not have considered before that could destroy the UK.

Ultra-Brexiters now claim I voted for no-deal. I didn’t. That’s a real betrayal of my vote.

5 min read
Meet David from Somerset. He voted Leave in 2016, but not for No-Deal. Unless an EFTA/Norway deal is on offer, he is a reluctant Remainer Now who would rather vote Remain in a new referendum.

I voted Leave and I’m embarrassed by what Brexit has done to my country.

3 min read
Rob from Messingham, Northern England, voted Leave over the inability for the UK to lead in Europe. A Remainer Now, he wants a final say on the deal negotiated with the EU in another referendum.
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