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Destroying parliaments leads to war – just look at history.

5 min read
Parliaments were and remain institutions of frustrating negotiation and very often unpalatable compromise. They also represent an imperfect but significant check on the abuse of power.

A time for cautious acceptance?

5 min read
The Liberal Democrats should cautiously accept Phillip Lee and other defectors into the fold – however, they must not let the liberalism at the party’s core slip away.

Does migration herald the demise of the liberal idea?

4 min read
Everywhere, the inoffensive liberal message is portrayed as a mortal threat to the greater common good.

Cosmopolitanism isn’t dead, but it might need a rebrand.

4 min read
It should not become a casualty in the clash between rising nationalism and globalisation but should seek to combine the two, Rashmee Roshan Lall argues.

Illiberalism: After Poland and Hungary... Spain?

9 min read
It’s not just Poland and Hungary that are moving towards illiberalism, Spain is also on a very slippery slope.

The homesick liberal.

6 min read
Or, β€œhow does liberalism relate to communities and meaning?”
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