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Stay Alert, Infodemic, Black Death: The fascinating origins of pandemic terms.

4 min read
Language always tells a story. As COVID-19 shakes the world, many of the words we’re using to describe it originated during earlier calamities – and have colourful tales behind them.

English in England β€” We should celebrate different languages, not write hate mail about them.

6 min read
The unpleasant β€˜Happy Brexit Day’ poster misses the fact that the vast majority of people in the UK recognise the benefits of multilingualism.

Traitors, betrayal, surrender: British politics now dripping with terms that fuel division.

5 min read
Use of the words β€˜traitor’, β€˜surrender’ and β€˜betrayal’ have increased inside parliament but everyone outside needs to watch their language too.

I research slang to help solve gang crime – and it’s clear how little politicians understand.

5 min read
The relationship between street slang used by young people and secret codes deployed by gang members is not always straightforward.
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