Lockdown Spectics

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The Cummings affair.

8 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on what the Cummings affair means in term of populism, elitism, the Brexit culture war, rule-following, rule-breaking, ruling, campaigning and governing.

I am a free, I am not man, a number.

6 min read
The anger of the lockdown protesters is misplaced. We should all be angry at the British Government because it is lying, mendacious, and treating us all like children. We are just numbers as far as it is concerned.

We didn’t defeat the coronavirus – If we go back to normal now, we will relive history.

3 min read
An important thread written by Dr Emma Hodcroft that openly expresses the anxiety of Covid-19 researchers and health workers faced with the premature loosening of lockdowns for political and economical rather than scientific reasons.

Coronavirus and Brexit: The connections and their consequences.

7 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest analysis on the ‘ideational’ (overlap of Brexiters and ‘lockdown sceptics’) and ‘institutional’ (overlap in how the government approaches each) links, and why they matter.
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