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“We have fundamentally failed to control transmission.” – Experts.

9 min read
Experts and health professionals on daily COVID cases and deaths being at their highest for months and what to do about it, the delays in the rollout of the 12-15 vaccination programme, and why the UK Government is not acting as COVID rising cases prompt calls for action now.

How will the COVID-19 pandemic play out this winter?

5 min read
Flexibility and accepting that stronger control measures might be needed is important given how uncertain things are ahead of winter.

COVID-19 – How democracies have fared compared with authoritarian regimes.

6 min read
Why the argument that authoritarian regimes are better at handling pandemics isn’t that simple.

COVID-19 in the UK – Power, expert complicity, and the manufacture of inevitability.

12 min read
An attempt to share my meta-view of the last 18 months and why despite being constantly enraged by the UK’s pandemic response, I have never been surprised by it.

Human behaviour: What scientists have learned about it from the pandemic.

6 min read
A society in crisis is more than the sum of its flawed parts. If a government constantly tells you that the problem lies in those around you, it corrodes trust in and solidarity with your fellow community members.

COVID restrictions: The data that explains why England is facing four more weeks of lockdown.

6 min read
COVID-19 cases and hospitalisations have risen over the past month. While Boris Johnson on Monday indicated that July 19 would be the day of final and irreversible reopening, it may be most prudent to continue to follow the data rather than the dates.

COVID school recovery: Is England’s £1.4 billion catch-up plan a good idea?

5 min read
Academic progress seems to be the government’s primary concern. But school pupils have experienced lockdown learning – and losses – in a myriad ways.
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