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The week in Covid-19.

7 min read
Dr Joe Pajak on last weekโ€™s coronavirus situation in the UK, the post-Christmas third lockdown, the governmentโ€™s apparent negligence on schools, Londonโ€™s hospitals being overwhelmed, and why our leaders should start listening to the experts.

Why the government was right to introduce Tier 4 restrictions.

5 min read
There is evidence that concludes with some confidence that the new coronavirus variant is more transmissible. There are indications that the virusโ€™s ability to infect human cells has increased. Case numbers desperately need controlling.

UK Covid-19 data trends, 20 December 2020.

4 min read
The Covid-19 virus was never planning to take a break at Christmas, so why was the government ever proposing to relax the Covid-19 restrictions for those 5 days? Dr Joe Pajak asks.

UK Covid-19 data trends, 19 December 2020.

4 min read
Christmas is going to be very different this year. Sadly, it needs to be so that many more of us can enjoy next Christmas with our families and friends, and all the Christmases beyond, Dr Joe Pajak writes.

Top 12 CCTV cities in the world.

1 min read
Cities in China are under the heaviest CCTV surveillance on the planet. London is the only city in the West that still competes with that record.

โ€˜Sell city, buy countryโ€™? The pandemic wonโ€™t empty London, NYC.

3 min read
Some very clever people are writing off cities. Not altogether, but quite substantially.

Why I mourn this dark day.

2 min read
On Brexit eve, Nyla Nox reflects on her time in Britain and, alike millions of other EU citizens out there, on a stark choice ahead.
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