March Budget

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Divertimenti I.

3 min read
Professor Simon Usherwood’s latest analysis on how the coronavirus outbreak has invited itself in the political calendar of the negotiation on the UK-EU future partnership.

Sunak’s giveaway Budget β€” More Barber than Brown.

4 min read
Rishi Sunak hopes to emulate Gordon Brown but risks resembling Anthony Barber whose policy hastened the Conservatives’ double defeat in 1974.

Budget 2020: New UK chancellor unveils Β£30 billion Coronavirus fightback – but debt forecasts look optimistic.

6 min read
The new chancellor’s plans won’t look half as prudent if the economy tanks.

More deficit propaganda in run-up to Budget.

3 min read
Professor John Weeks on why he believes the new Chancellor should choose to end the austerity dogma now.
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