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Socialism — An explainer.

4 min read
What is socialism – and do you have a semester to discuss the topic?

What the Trump budget says about the administration’s health priorities.

6 min read
The Trump administration’s budget for healthcare proposes significant cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act.

Comparisons between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump make a point the centrists miss.

4 min read
Trump’s actions are aimed entirely at what he perceives as supporting his bloated ego, while Sanders is someone who is little concerned with his personal advancement, Greg Camp argues.

Wuhan coronavirus outbreak — A call for universal healthcare and Green New Deal.

4 min read
Problems we face cannot be solved by wishing them away or by refusing to understand the science.

Republicans run on their values, and we must run on ours.

4 min read
The Democratic Party is soon going to have to decide what its values are and what it will run on.

Democrats are playing with fires that could burn in 2020.

7 min read
If Democrats are serious about retaking the White House in 2020, they must stop playing with fires, Isaac Newton Farris Jr. writes.
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