Mental Health

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It is okay to not be okay.

2 min read
An incredibly brave Kirsty Blackman MP speaks openly about the impact of massive workload, the Brexit mess and the lockdown on her mental health, and her struggle. Here she makes a difference.

Unity is the vaccine.

3 min read
Unity is the vaccine we need against the far-right and their dismantling of our values and society.

How coronavirus could affect the wellbeing of people with intellectual disabilities.

4 min read
Sudden changes to routine and care might worsen mental health conditions, like anxiety, in autistic people or those with other intellectual disabilities.

Coronavirus is accelerating a culture of no touching – Here’s why that’s a problem.

4 min read
Touch is essential to wellbeing, so we must make an effort not to associate it with negative feelings once the coronavirus outbreak is over.

Working from home? The UK’s broadband and wifi will be put to the test.

4 min read
Only 3 million UK homes have fibre broadband which will aid their working from home to counter coronavirus spread. But those with copper ADSL or bad connections on mobile 4G may struggle.

Coronavirus self-isolation: How to avoid cabin fever.

4 min read
A psychologist’s top tips for staying mentally well in this time of pandemic.

Coronavirus: How to stop the anxiety spiralling out of control.

5 min read
Coronavirus fear? Stop constant checking and stay social. Psychological distress and widespread panic must not take over your life.
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