Migrant Crisis

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How British community groups are helping refugees integrate – and the government is making it harder.

5 min read
Amid rising inequality and social tensions, measures must be taken to protect refugees from the backlash and help them settle instead.

Why are more small boats crossing the English Channel – and why are border forces struggling to stop them?

5 min read
With normal routes disrupted by the pandemic, more people are driven to dangerous tactics.

Refugees are not migrants or illegal.

4 min read
Nobody risks their lives across treacherous waters in unsuitable and unsafe boats unless they are deeply distressed and determined, with nothing left to lose.

Channel crossings: Not just a number, they are people trying to reach safety.

3 min read
We are seeing a lot of numbers thrown around at the moment in regards to asylum seekers. Unfortunately, we are not seeing much context to them though. So, in the interests of trying to put some into the debate, here it is.

Tensions mount at Greek border with Turkey amid contested history of migration in the Aegean.

5 min read
The Aegean has long been a place of overlapping migration. Now it is facing a new crisis.

Europe does battle again with the demons of migration.

4 min read
Direct investment in countries that produce the most migrants is a strategically smart idea.

People are drowning at sea. Why aren’t we saving them?

5 min read
Authorities in Italy would sooner turn ships carrying migrants back to strife-torn countries like Libya rather than allow them to seek asylum. It is amounting to repeated Voyages of the Damned.
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