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Would that fit on the side of a bus?

1 min read
Mike Galsworthy’s reaction to the Sunday Times confirming yesterday that the UK Coronavirus strategy was “herd immunity, protect economy... and if pensioners die, too bad.”

Why Dominic Cummings’ blog on science is... a bit depressing.

1 min read
We should set policy in science by listening to the science community, not Dominic Cummings and a little clique of scientists around him resentful of others.

On Boris Johnson’s deal... and what Remainers must do next.

1 min read
Boris Johnson’s deal. How? What happens now?... and what to do. Time for a People’s Vote?

Join the “Defend our Democracy” rallies across the country!

1 min read
This Saturday, join the “Defend our Democracy” rallies in Parliament Square and everywhere in the UK and beyond, Mike Galsworthy says.

Unelected PM asks Queen, in secret, to suspend the Mother of Parliaments.

1 min read
A million signatures and a dozen protests instantly – we are experts at mobilisation now, Mike Galsworthy says.

Boris Toddler blimp flying at the March for Change.

1 min read
The Boris Toddler blimp, inspired by last summer’s Trump Baby blimp, is now flying in Parliament Square at today’s March for Change.

There’s a new blimp in town.

1 min read
Have you heard the news? There’s a new blimp in town... a Boris blimp!
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