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The number of new doctors continuing their NHS training has plummeted — Burnout may be to blame.

5 min read
We need to recapture the humanity of the NHS and make doctors feel more than grinding cogs in a brutal machine.

Anti-immigration attitudes are disappearing among younger generations in Britain.

4 min read
New research found persistent differences between generations of people in the UK when it comes to their attitudes to immigration.

Millennials hold the key to the 2018 Midterms.

3 min read
With the elections being in the hands of a generation that is more diverse and more educated than previous generations, millennials can shape the future of America.

Millennials: The financially-screwed over generation.

3 min read
With stagnant wages, the difficulty of getting started in our careers and the terrible fiscal policies of our government, these are a few reasons why millennials are screwed over.
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