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Coronavirus: Why we should keep our eyes and ears open as well as our hands clean.

5 min read
While COVID-19 is a real concern for businesses and governments, a more serious issue right now is the wider impact of heavily recycled information on society.

Coronavirus is a breeding ground for conspiracy theories – Here’s why that’s a serious problem.

4 min read
Conspiracy theories bloom in times of uncertainty and foster distrust of medical authorities.

Out-of-context photos are a powerful low-tech form of misinformation.

4 min read
Images without context or presented with text that misrepresents what they show can be a powerful tool of misinformation, especially since photos make statements seem more believable.

Why media education in schools needs to be about much more than ‘fake news’.

4 min read
Only 2% of children have the skills needed to identify a credible news story.

You’re probably more susceptible to misinformation than you think.

4 min read
We claim not to trust social media yet it seems to shape our political opinions.

Brexiters – Don’t you complain the Brexit result is being ignored.

2 min read
Steve Bullock putting a Brexit Party MEP to his place over what is really being ignored since the Brexit result.

Pseudoscience is taking over social media – and putting us all at risk.

4 min read
New evidence suggests most YouTube videos on climate change deny its existence.
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