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Why misogyny needs to be tackled in education from primary school.

5 min read
Sexist attitudes and misogynistic behaviours are the product of how boys are socialised. School is where change needs to start.

How Trump’s America changed political satire – for both liberals and conservatives.

5 min read
Political satire is not dead, but it has had to adapt since Donald Trump’s election.

Analysis shows horrifying extent of abuse sent to women MPs via Twitter.

4 min read
No wonder several high-profile figures say they can’t take it any more. Are we really going to allow women to be harassed out of public service?

Female, foreign and fighting Brexit? It is no joyride.

5 min read
From Gina Miller to Anna Soubry, female anti-Brexit campaigners and commentators have long since been faced with a barrage of abuse and threats. Professor Tanja Bueltmann shares with us her experience of what it means to be an EU citizen — a foreigner — and a woman taking a stand against Brexit.
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