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Can managing climate change ever be good business?

2 min read
Sustainability can move from the margins of business management to the centre. Or can it?

Boris Johnson: After F* business, it’s now F* people.

2 min read
Defining Boris Johnson in just 5 consecutive questions asked at Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

A vaccine for America FIRST.

3 min read
Essential thread by Holger Hestermeyer on Trump’s failed attempt to put America first in acquiring a Coronavirus vaccine exclusively for the United States.

As the 2020s dawn, China’s search for financial stability isn’t getting easier.

6 min read
China-watchers are paying close attention to the structural slowdown in China’s economy and the potential risks in China’s banking system.

Facebook claims Libra offers economic empowerment to billions – An economist is skeptical.

5 min read
Facebook claims its new cryptocurrency will bring financial inclusion and opportunity to billions, pushing cash further to the fringes. Is that a good thing?

Anti-expert Brexit bullshit has already cost us £40 billion!

2 min read
Brexiteers have invested their political careers into the Brexit project and the people’s hard-earned money too!

A lot of attention on what matters least, little or no attention on what matters most.

6 min read
They all talk about the Trump/Russian election collusion, Jared Kushner’s security clearance, the new Secretary of State, the new CIA Director... but what about the financial well-being of American citizens?
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