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3 American beliefs that are smashed to smithereens by the coronavirus.

6 min read
Even with all the sickness, death, and disruption to society and the economy by Covid-19, we have yet to see what the final impact the coronavirus war will have on America. At this point only one thing is clear, there are three American beliefs that the coronavirus has smashed to smithereens.

There are NO miracle foods or diets that can prevent or cure COVID-19.

5 min read
There is no evidence that garlic, lemons, and the ketogenic diet can prevent or cure coronavirus.

Time to debunk claims that vitamin C could cure coronavirus.

4 min read
Though so-called naturopathic influencers on social media claim taking near-lethal doses of vitamin C is the cure for COVID-19, one expert says that vitamin C is unlikely to cure coronavirus.

Coronavirus myth busters.

5 min read
The spread of fake news and conspiracy theories around the coronavirus is such a significant problem that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has created a “myth busters” with 13 questions and answers to try and tackle them.

This is the poison we all need to challenge.

2 min read
Here is a mythbusting piece around the Roma, Gypsy and Traveller community in the UK, shared with me by one of its members. This is the poison we all need to challenge. Please read, share, and stand up to this bigotry.
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