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Divide and rule Britannia.

27 min read
The current narrative is β€œWe live in a very divided Britain.” The truth is: it is all part of a strategy where media, politicians and social media combined their efforts to create a smoke-screen to cover their hidden agenda on Brexit, Windrush, immigration, money and power...

The New Right: How a Frenchman born 150 years ago inspired the extreme nationalism behind Brexit and Donald Trump.

13 min read
We are living through the latest battle in a 300-year long ideological war over the meaning of humanity itself.

Blinded by patriotism β€” Why that country isn’t coming back.

4 min read
Brexit has nurtured the existence of nationalism in the UK’s politics. While one side wishes to return to an imperial Britain ruling the waves, the other believes in a subtle image of a tolerant Britain that never really was. Both are wrong.

What a β€œleftist” Brexit gets wrong.

4 min read
The United Kingdom pretty much did what it wanted in the EU. That it chose to pursue a national agenda of austerity and neoliberalism has nothing to do with Europe.

Last Night of the Proms β€” Flags and fanfare can’t hide the divisions in Brexit Britain.

4 min read
Land of Hope and Glory seems somehow inappropriate given the current state of British politics.

I was a Leaver, but I now understand we must fight to make EU better from within.

2 min read
Ryan from Eastbourne couldn’t vote in 2016, but his vote would have added to the Leave result. Three years later, he changed his mind and wants to reform the EU from within. He is a Remainer Now who rejects the Brexiters’ nationalism.

Apollo missions pushed forward a β€˜one planet’ ideology – but will this ever replace nationalism in politics?

5 min read
The first generation of spacefarers realised that Earth binds our planetary civilisation into a coherent whole. When, if ever, will politics catch up?
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