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James Murdoch’s resignation is the result of News Corp’s increasing shift to the right – not just on climate.

7 min read
It is more likely the Trump administration, and the cosy relationship it has with Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, on top of differences on climate change, that was the last straw for James.

Coronavirus recovery – The new economic thinking we need.

5 min read
The extent of the current economic malaise has much deeper roots than the coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus is not the root cause of our economic problems, merely its catalyst.

How coronavirus exposes the way we regard ageing and old people.

4 min read
Despite an increasingly positive representation of old people in the media, it is not the reality for the majority whose frailty and vulnerability disturb society to the point of denial.

The Post-COVID world: Dragging the State back into public services.

7 min read
There is no automatic return to neo-liberal normalcy or US hegemony after the virus has worked its way through world politics.

The battle of the twenty-first century.

4 min read
The battle of the twenty-first century is a continuation of the last century’s fight, Greg Camp argues.

Joker — Holding up a mirror to our disillusioned times.

4 min read
Todd Phillips’ film reflects a society that is distrustful of traditional power structures and voicing that disillusionment at the ballot box.

Deregulation and standards after Brexit – What Naomi Klein’s ‘disaster capitalism’ can tell us.

4 min read
The shock of Brexit could have repercussions for the design of the UK economy.
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