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Jacinda Ardern and Labour returned in a landslide โ€” 5 experts on a historic New Zealand election.

7 min read
Jacinda Ardern and Labour are returned to power in a landslide, making New Zealand political history in the process.

โ€˜An endless game of COVID-19 whack-a-moleโ€™: A New Zealand expert on why Melbourneโ€™s stage 4 lockdown should cover all of Victoria.

4 min read
Putting all of Victoria under stage 4 restrictions would give the state its best chance of stopping community transmission, rather than setting it up to play an endless game of COVID-19 whack-a-mole.

Nonsense about New Zealand trade deal.

3 min read
What can we sell to New Zealand that we couldnโ€™t before?

Why donโ€™t we hear about the low number of coronavirus deaths in Central Europe?

4 min read
Death rates are low in Central Europe but this has largely gone ignored.

Women leaders and coronavirus: Look beyond stereotypes to find the secret to their success.

4 min read
Germany, New Zealand and Taiwan share a common trait beyond having women in the top job.

Nothing to see here.

11 min read
Professor Chris Greyโ€™s Brexit analysis on the current state of the UK-EU negotiations, the impossibility of predicting what this โ€˜government of all the talentlessโ€™ will do, and the ironies of the UKโ€™s emerging independent trade policy.

Beijing virus cases sound a warning: Normal may be a fantasy for now.

3 min read
China is issuing a reality check to the world, as South Korea warns against settling into returning to a pre-pandemic normal any time soon.
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