NHS Heroes

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Why is the NHS running out of gowns? What has been done to prevent this, and what happens next?

4 min read
Interesting thread from Chris Hopson, CEO of the organisation which represents NHS Trusts, who explains that some trusts will run out of gowns.

#Videospotting: You clap for me now.

1 min read
A poem to remind us all that the large majority of β€˜key workers’ are from Black and Minority Ethnic families. It is read out line-by-line by first, second and third-generation immigrants including doctors, nurses, teachers, shopkeepers, dentists, social workers, delivery drivers, broadcasters...

#Tweetspotting: PPE finally arriving! (... NOT!)

2 min read
Words spoken in daily briefings must become actions. Tweets on social media must become truth. Promises must become a reality.

I just want to scream at people to listen to us: Please, please, do social distancing and self isolation.

2 min read
An amazing thread by one of the NHS heroes Natalie Silvey for those people who think it is alright to take a trip to the seaside, have a walk in the parks, or complain that pubs have closed during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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