Nicola Sturgeon

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The UKโ€™s new coronavirus restrictions explained by a public health expert.

6 min read
Here is what you need to know about the UKโ€™s new coronavirus rules โ€“ and what else might be needed.

Creating expectations.

7 min read
The oven ready Brexit deal has turned out to be a lie. The UK is now going where even Margaret Thatcher didnโ€™t dare tread โ€“ ripping up an international treaty and showing itself to be an untrustworthy partner.

Scotland โ€“ YouGov confirm Yes ahead.

4 min read
What is perhaps the most striking finding of all in last weekโ€™s poll is the mood of optimism that โ€“ despite the coronavirus pandemic โ€“ now appears to be widespread among voters.

Yellowhammer: No-deal hammered home.

2 min read
Last yearโ€™s Yellowhammer report revealed that a no-deal Brexit would result in rising food and fuel prices, shortage of medicines and public disorder. That was before we knew about Covid-19. Why on earth are we doing this?

A-level results: Confusion is the result of months of inertia and years of policy.

4 min read
Ministers should have seen this exam results fiasco coming.

Bruising Johnsonโ€™s ego and cruising to indy.

6 min read
Thereโ€™s been an outbreak of childish petulance in Downing Street. You may not have noticed, since childish petulance is what passes for statesmanship in the UK these days.

The performance artisteโ€™s Orkney tour.

7 min read
Why Boris Johnson flew to Orkney in order to pose for a photo-op with a large crab.
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