North Korea

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Incoherent isolationism and the art of the non-deal: A review of Trump’s foreign policy.

13 min read
This brief analyses US President Donald J. Trump’s foreign policy in 2020, to examine the extent to which he succeeded in re-imagining America’s role in the world.

The state of the coronavirus pandemic.

5 min read
Which countries are gradually improving, and which ones are battling growing or returning outbreaks? Here is the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic in the world.

The growing importance of the Indo-Pacific in the Trump administration’s foreign policy strategy.

5 min read
Driven by self-interest, Trump’s strategy seeks to counter the perceived threat of China by considering the Indo-Pacific region to be a coherent theatre where US influence can operate.

I heard 2 people in 2 days express approval of Trump, and realised Umberto Eco was right.

6 min read
When wondering why people might see Donald Trump’s performance in a positive way, simply turn to to Umberto Eco.

Trump, Cohen... and the winner is... Kim!

5 min read
Between Trump’s rapid summit in Vietnam and Michael Cohen long testimony in Congress, there can only be one winner... Chairman Kim! B. Jay Cooper writes.

Why do we even listen to Trump anymore?

5 min read
President Trump announced at a meeting with members of Congress on Tuesday that there is no time limit for the North Korean denuclearization. What now?

Trust, but verify... maybe?

4 min read
In the Trump-Kim summit, there was a disconnect: Trump measures success in dollars. Kim measures it in continued family control of his country.
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