North Korea

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Two madmen play poker: the North Korea bluff-off.

6 min read
A game theory look at Trump’s North Korea strategy.

The only predictable thing about North Korea is its unpredictability.

4 min read
Startling change in world affairs is not without precedent. It is startling because it is deemed practically impossible before it happens.

Donald Trump/Kim Jong Un: The ego summit.

1 min read
Cartoonist FM Hansen on Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un’s common interest (in themselves) that should make for interesting time when they meet this Summer... - Today’s PMP political cartoon.

What to expect from a meeting of Trump and Kim Jong-un?

3 min read
Donald Trump’s announcement that he would be willing to enter talks with Kim Jong-un of North Korea has played like the teasers that are standard fare of reality television, drawing out the flurry of commentary calculated to make us forget that Robert Mueller and Stormy Daniels are still with us.

How to start a peaceful solution of the North Korea problem and how it could end.🔷

7 min read
The North Korea nuclear problem has been one of the top security challenges encountered by the Trump administration. The Pyongyang Regime confronted the United States by missile tests and nuclear developments.
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